Hello world!

Nov 16, 2014

This is a place for youth, a place to tell the stories of the Holy Souls Youth and how God is working is us. The more we are able to recognize how God is working in and through all of us everyday, the more we can understand who He is and who we are. I want this blog to be alive, as alive as Jesus Christ was on Easter morning and remains not only in the Blessed Sacrament but in all of our hearts and to the depths of our soul. I want to encourage the youth of this parish to speak out to the world, the more we share the more that can be shared. This is my gift to the group, a place you can finally speak, to each other, your families, this parish, and anyone you want to hear your voice.

The New Evangelization is not simply about coming online, it is about reestablishing a personal and intimate connection with all of our neighbors in all walks of life. Even if you are not a writer, I encourage you to share. Take pictures, create vidoes, record audio, or any content you can come up with, let’s share it here.